Academic Writing

Urban Design in China: Where to Build, When to Build, What to Build
Journal of Urban Design, Tsinghua University Press (with Jonathan Barnett - translated by Huang He)

Bottom-Up Urbanism in China: Urban Villages and City Development
The Palgrave Handbook of Bottom Up Urbanism, eds. Conrad Kickert and Mahyar Arefi (Palgrave Macmillan), 2017

Hong Kong’s Transit-Oriented Podium-Tower Development
Vertical Urbanism: Designing Compact Cities in China, ed. Zhongjie Lin and Jose Gamez (Routledge), 2017

Connecting Water Resources across Political Borders: A Pearl River Delta Special Ecological Area
The Plan Journal, volume 2 (with Jason Carlow and Ivan Valin), 2017

The Million Volt Light and Sound Culture
A Reader in Themed and Immersive Spaces: Beyond Simulation and Authenticity, ed. Scott Lucas (Pittsburgh: Entertainment Technology Center Press, Carnegie Mellon), 2016

Efficient Urban Forms in the Pearl River Delta 
Energy Accounts: Architectural Representations of Energy, Climate, and the Future, eds. William M Braham et al. (Routledge), 2016

The Massive Disappearance of China's Urban Villages 
Metropolitics, 13 March, 2015

Mass-Producing the World’s Factory
Metropolitics, 9 February, 2015

Notes on the Society of the Spectacle/Brand
Handbook of Architectural Theory, eds. G. Chrysler, S. Cairns, and H. Heynen (Sage Publications), 247-263 (with Shiloh Krupar), 2012

Urban Design Pedagogies in an Increasingly Globalized World
面向国际学生的城市规划与设计教程Urban Planning and Design Courses Facing International Students, eds. Li Tian and Qing Li (China Architecture and Building Press), 2016

The Evolving Nature of Pleasure 
Landscape Plus, 2. Oro Publications, 2015

Casino Architecture Wars 
Occasional Paper Series (30). Las Vegas: Center for Gaming Research, University Libraries, University of Las Vegas, Nevada, 1-10, 2014

Factory Towns of South China 
Volume 3, 116-119, 2014

In Chinese

商场城市:香港 Mall City: Hong Kong 
Urban China, 102-109 (translated by Zhengli Huang), 2017

华南工厂城 Factory Towns of South China 
Urban China (59), 42-47 (translated by Zhengli Huang), 2013

世界最大的城市拆迁 The World's Largest Urban Demolition 
Urban China, 19 (translated by Zhengli Huang), 2015


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