Self-Driving Cars and the Future City

The age of the self-driving car is here but what happens to all of the parking lots? In his TED Talk, architect Stefan Al suggests for how these newly available spaces might be reimagined and how people can play a role in it.

Asian Urbanism

Almost one million people move to Asian cities every week, two thirds of the global total. CGTN interviewed Stefan Al on the challenges of urbanization in China, which has added half a billion people to its cities in only forty years.


The Future of Retail

Is the mall dead? Online retail and an exodus from the suburbs to cities are changing the way in which people shop. Read Stefan Al's article in The Guardian to get a sense of the "new" mall and the future of retail in cities.  

Experience and Hospitality Design

What are the changing trends in hospitality and vacationing in America? Kai Ryssdal interviewed Stefan Al on Marketplace about his book The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream.

Is there something to learn from Las Vegas? KNPR interviewed Stefan Al about the surprising innovation behind the buildings of the Las Vegas Strip.


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