Author: Stefan Al
The MIT Press, 2017

"A tour of the Las Vegas Strip that is erudite, entertaining, and impossible to conduct in person"
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A muscular, often funny book accessible to any lay reader" 
Wall Street Journal (best books to read spring 2017) 


Authors: Robert Cervero, Erick Guerra and Stefan Al
Island Press, 2017

Cities across the globe have been designed with a primary goal of moving people around quickly—and the costs are becoming ever more apparent, including smoggy air basins, sprawling suburbs, and the failure to stem traffic congestion. Shifting the focus from movement to accessing destinations leads to an entirely different framework for planning and designing cities and the infrastructure that serves them. This book illustrate principles and practices of linking sustainable transport programs with place-making. 


Author: Stefan Al
Island Press, 2018

Sea level rise will impact urban areas worldwide. This book gives an overview of best practices for cities’ resilience strategies and flood management infrastructure, arguing for approaches that are nature based and integrated with the public realm.


Editor: Stefan Al
University of Hawaii Press; Hong Kong University Press, 2016

"Hong Kong has already proven a model for urban development in China and might prove a model for elsewhere... Mall City is a book of considerably more general interest than its apparently academic origins and purpose would indicate." — Asian Review of Books

Villages in the City: A Guide to South China's Informal Settlements

Editor: Stefan Al
University of Hawaii Press; Hong Kong University Press, 2014

"Recent years have seen a growing interest in creative and informal urbanisms of a wide variety.... One of the best is Villages in the City edited by Stefan Al...  a fabulous piece of architecture and design graphica... The book succeeds by investigating and advocating for the informal without fetishizing it." — Architectural Record

Factory Towns of South China: An Illustrated Guidebook

Editor: Stefan Al
Hong Kong University Press, 2012

“In Factory Towns of South China, editor Stefan Al provides an in-depth guide to the changed and changing landscape of the PRD, adding all-important detail to what many experience only through media sound bites.” — Architectural Record

"A welcome addition for the contributors’ brave approach to a visual, interdisciplinary and multifarious narrative genre." — China Journal

Macau and the Casino Complex

Editor: Stefan Al
University of Nevada Press, 2017

In a period of only a decade, Macau has overtaken Las Vegas as the world’s new gambling capital. This book understands the “casino complex” as both a distinct architectural typology, and a dominant industry that reshapes the city to its needs. It highlights the effects of this development in Macau, and raises questions about cultural identity, economic development, architecture and urban life.


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