PRD Sea Water Network
PRD Sea Water Network
PRD Sea Water Network

Special Ecological Area, China

What if our administrative boundaries were dependent on ecological boundaries? When freshwater becomes increasingly scarce, could we use watersheds as boundaries to better administer the distribution of water resources?

To address the challenges of freshwater provision in the region, we propose a zone of interconnected water resources: the Pearl River Delta Special Ecological Area (PRD SEA). It adopts four water resource strategies: move from a centralized to a decentralized system; link independent systems to enable resource sharing; piggyback new systems on defunct, existing and planned infrastructure; and finally treat “waste” water as a resource.

Traditionally, the collection and storage of fresh water, the distribution of potable water, and treatment of resulting waste water are found in independent systems. Within the PRD SEA, we propose to network these systems in a continuous loop of freshwater and treated waste water conduits, allowing shortage and surplus in local systems to be absorbed and resources between municipalities to be shared and traded.

Team Leader: Stefan Al 
Team Members: Jason Carlow, Ivan Valin 
Video Production: Peter Lampard 
Consultants: Juan Du, Iris Hwang, Rowan Roderick-Jones, Kenneth Kwok, Kam-Shing Leung 
Collaborators: Anthony Lam Cheuk Wang, Daniel Fung, Peter Lampard 
Contributors: Audrey Ma, Norman Ung, Dannes Kok, Frederick Li

PRD SEA: Pearl River Delta Special Ecological Area